This covers FAQs around MEV rewards. For questions specific to validator software, see the Jito-Solana section above.

This will be a living document that we'll add to as questions come up. Join the discord!

  • How much are the MEV rewards for validators?

Currently, MEV rewards are small. This is expected for the first few months after launch. It takes time for traders to integrate bundles given it's a new workflow. The best way to increase MEV rewards is to onboard as many validators as possible to Jito-Solana. As more stake weight runs Jito-Solana, searchers will be more incentivized to utilize bundles and increase tip payments.

MEV rewards could increase validator revenue by 15% or more once adoption increases. See this spreadsheet for an interactive calculator of the benefit for validators.

  • What commission should I charge for MEV rewards?

MEV commissions are up to the validators. We see most validators charge a rate slightly above their staking commissions since it's perceived as a value-added service. You can see what commissions others are charging at our validator dashboard.

  • How are MEV rewards distributed?

MEV rewards are airdropped to stake accounts. For details, checkout our MEV Distribution docs.

  • Do stake account owners have to claim rewards for the distribution to be complete?

Only the specified authority can upload the merkle root with airdrop amounts. Typically, validators have authorized Jito to perform this action. Once the merkle root is uploaded, anyone may claim those rewards on behalf of the recipieints. Jito performs this action but its permissionless so others could execute the claim if Jito failed to execute it properly for any reason.

  • MEV rewards are airdropped to the relevant stake accounts. Are they automatically staked?

No, the rewards are distributed but cannot be staked by third parties. Solana's architecture requires the stake account owner to withdraw or stake the airdropped rewards. Jito is working on a solution for this but currently the stake account owner must take direct action.

  • How can I tell what MEV rewards my validator and stakers are receiving?

Validators and stakers can see their MEV rewards at this dashboard. It includes links to the specific transactions so you can find them on Solana block explorerse.

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