Jito MEV
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For a high level discussion of the architecture and benefits of Jito-Solana, checkout our introduction post or this presentation.


  • Bundles are a list of transactions that are executed sequentially.
  • Bundles are executed all-or-nothing. If one fails, the entire bundle is rolled back.
  • Bundles can contain tips, which allows users to tip validators for priority treatment.
  • Bundles are not forwarded between validators.


  • Validators can connect to a relayer, which performs filtering and signature verification.
  • Validators disconnect their TPU when connected so all packets must come through a relayer.
  • Validators fallback if the relayer stops heartbeating or becomes unhealthy.

Block Engine

  • Block Engines send high-profit bundles and transactions to validators.

Low Latency Shred Sending

  • Shreds can be sent over UDP to an address of one's choice to bypass turbine latency.

Open Source

  • Jito-Solana is open source. The client is permissionless to run with no contracts or other requirements.
  • The only fee is 5% on MEV tips through Jito's Block Engine. This has no impact staking rewards and only impacts incremental revenue from MEV.