Jito MEV

MEV Distribution

As a validator, how do I distribute MEV to stakers?

Tip Distribution

The tip distribution program is responsible for collecting and distributing MEV to validators and stakers.
Every epoch, the validator client creates a unique TipDistributionAccount derived by the epoch and vote account public key. The validator client then uses this TipDistributionAccount to aggregate MEV paid out to their account over the entire epoch.
Once the epoch is over, a validator (or delegate denoted by the merkle root upload authority) takes a snapshot of the last slot in the previous epoch, generates a merkle tree containing the claims for each validator and stake account, and uploads the root on-chain. Then validators and stakers can claim MEV (or have others claim on their behalf) in the form of an airdrop.

MEV Airdrops In Depth

At the end of an epoch, the MEV funds for a given validator are stored at a PDA derived by the validators vote account and epoch. At the end of every epoch, the following happens:
  • A state snapshot is taken of the last slot in an epoch
  • A script runs which outputs the stake account information on a per-validator basis with the MEV collected in the account.
  • Another script runs which generates a merkle tree which contains information about the amount of MEV distributed to a validator and their stakers on a pro-rata basis.
    • This script can also upload the merkle root to the tip distribution account which allows stakers to claim.

Snapshot Storage

The following links are URLs containing end-of-epoch snapshots. The foundation will add more parties when they become available. Use these snapshots at your own risk: