Stake Delegation

JitoSOL is delegated to validators based on high performance and network resiliency


The aim of Jito Foundation's Liquid Staking is to decentralize the network and improve the performance of the Solana Blockchain. Validators which meet the minimum criteria may become eligible for a stake delegation.

Interest Submission Form

If you would like your node to be considered for a stake delegation, please complete this form. It includes contact information, hardware and other operational information to enable a more thorough evaluation.

Delegation Goals

  • Support high quality network operators.
  • Improve Solana's decentralization of stake weight and geographies. Jito will not delegate within the superminority.
  • Deliver high yields to JitoSOL holders to incentivize increasing stake on the network
  • Encourage the adoption of the Jito-Solana's validator client. This client benefits the network by increasing staking yields and discouraging spam

Delegation Requirements

There may be changes to the delegation requirements and/or weights over time as the environment evolves. Changes will be communicated in advance along with significant shifts in stake weight.
In order to receive a delegation, validators must meet the following requirements:
  • Run MEV-enabled client
  • Vote on >80% of all valid blocks during the sampling window
  • Retain a commission rate ≤ 10%
  • MEV commissions are given equal weight to regular comissions
  • Retain a delinquency rate <10% over the course of the sampling window
  • Not belong to the validator superminority
  • Not run unsafe consensus modifications
  • Only stake to one validator operator at a time (no sybill)

Scoring Mechanism

We will be publishing our delegation methodology soon along with a sample of results including all active validators.