Unstaking JitoSOL

We encourage holders to sell on Jupiter to avoid inconvenience associated with direct unstaking
JitoSOL can be transferred to SOL via Jupiter or directly. Below is a comparison.
Other Note
Variable but likely <0.2%
Can be converted into any SPL token, not just SOL
Unstake on Jito Website
2-4 days
Requires manual steps in wallet at beginning and end of process to collect
In most circumstances, Jupiter represents a superior mechanism to convert JitoSOL into SOL (or any other SPL token). See this page for trading on Jupiter.
Note, the direct unstaking delays are not specific to JitoSOL. These are feature of the Solana protocol and apply to staked SOL regardless of how it is staked. Stake can only be withdrawn at the end of epochs, which are 2-3 days in duration. Read more on this mechanic here.
If you choose to unstake directly, we have prepared specific guides for Phantom Wallets and Solflare Wallets. Please review those guides in detail prior to commencing your unstake. Ensure you understand the process and timing. Once unstaking has started, the SOL is unavailable for several days.
For other wallets, please follow the Phantom guide and we can provide additional support in Discord as necessary.